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April 2007 Visits (& News)

on April 2, 2007 in College Visits

waitlist-smWait List Limbo

As more colleges use wait lists to manage their enrollments, more students are finding themselves in “Wait List Limbo.” Students are applying to many more colleges than in the past, and as a result college admissions officers find that using the waitlist is a good way to manage the size of the freshman class. This has created anxiety on the part of students and their families, but it is important to be realistic. Read more here to understand the unpredictability of the process and learn what you can do to better your chances of admission. If you are wait-listed, it is important to know your rights and to have an action plan moving forward.

Taking a Year Off

The Gap Year is becoming a more popular option for many students who see the benefit of arriving on their college campuses more focused and prepared to study. The reasons for taking this year off are as varied as the options available to students: explore career options before committing to a field of study, mature emotionally, live in another country and learn the language, re-apply to colleges, strengthen yourself academically, develop skills related to a learning disability, learn what is important to you, make money and save for college, or volunteer to make a difference. Read this valuable article prepared by the admissions representatives at Harvard College to understand why, for over thirty years, Harvard has recommended this option and proposes it in their letter of admission. For those students who choose to defer an admission to college, it is important to have a plan for the year before contacting the college to request this option. A Gap Year does not need to be expensive as there are multiple opportunities to create a meaningful experience. Making the most of that year can life-changing, and also be the key to a successful college experience.

Letting Colleges Know You’re Interested

As summer approaches, college admissions offices are gearing up to visit prospective high school students and host on-campus events. Juniors should be aware that it is time to start completing online contact forms on the admission pages of your colleges of interest so that you will get invited to receptions in your area to learn more about each college. Many admissions offices understand that high school students find it difficult to leave class to attend college representative visits at their high schools, and for this reason they are grouping with other colleges to host receptions throughout the summer and fall. These receptions can provide invaluable information to students as they often include local alumni and offer a great way for students to meet the local representatives from the admissions office at each college. Early fall events on college campuses are also a wonderful way for high school students to tour and meet faculty, coaches and admissions representatives. Make sure you complete the online forms on the admissions pages for your colleges of choice. These forms generally can be found in links such as “learn more”, “contact us”, “get on our mailing list”, or “request information.”

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