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Upcoming SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests

The calendar for the 2009-2010 SAT Reasoning Test and Subject Tests is now available, with registration open for all dates except June 2010. If the colleges to which you are applying require Subject Tests, you can check this list of subjects and dates offered to help you plan accordingly. The new Score Choice option allows students to send scores from selected test dates, rather than the cumulative reports of the past. However, some schools will require students to send all scores from all tests, so it is very important this year to check each college’s policy this year.

Upcoming ACT

The calendar and registration for the 2009-2010 ACT Test is now available. Consider taking a mock ACT at a nearby test center to determine if this is a better test for you, as most colleges will accept either the ACT (with or without writing, depending on the college) or the SAT. Some exceptions may occur, so check the schools on your list to determine each college’s specific testing requirements.

Test Optional and Changes to Test Policies provides a listing of colleges and universities where standardized tests are optional. Some interesting changes in testing policies are occurring at universities such as NYU, leading to various some universities leading to various options: the ACT with writing, the SAT plus two Subject Tests, the SAT plus two AP scores, or three AP scores, among others. Be sure to check each school’s policy before scheduling tests.

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