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College Representatives Visit the Office to Give Highlights

on February 9, 2011 in Admissions Process, New This Month

College admissions representatives from many universities have recently visited the office to provide updates on programs, financial aid, and admissions. The following are highlights of these presentations.

Hobart & William Smith Colleges      Geneva, New York

Hobart & William Smith Colleges is a small liberal arts college located in upstate New York. While the campus is co-ed, many residence halls are single sex and 95% of students live on campus all four years. Located on Seneca Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes region, HWS has a strong sailing team and provides many other outdoor opportunities for students. Athletics are popular at HWS with 55% of women, and 45% of men participating. Men’s lacrosse is very strong at this Division III school.

Hobart Sailors Win National Regattas

There is no core requirement, and students set a goal for their time at HWS with a structured yet flexible curriculum. No two students at HWS are studying the same topic, and the most popular major is “create your own,” planned in conjunction with an advisor. Courses are combined to create an interdisciplinary and meaningful plan.

First-Year Seminars and Learning Communities serve as ways for roommates and floor-mates to connect on both academic and extracurricular levels. Economics is the most popular major, followed by English, Public Policy/International Relations, and Psychology. HWS offers a four-year accredited architecture program, and no portfolio is required. Study abroad programs are very popular, and both merit and financial aid money will follow students on these programs. HWS provides students with resources prior to going abroad as well as support for re-entry. The alumni network at HWS is extensive and provides one more way for students to explore internships in nearby Rochester and beyond. Standardized test scores are optional at HWS for admission but should be submitted if strong.

SciencePo    Reims, France

Sciences Po is a highly selective French public university for the social sciences including economics, law, history, sociology, and political science. Students obtain a Bachelor of Arts in three years or go on for a Masters in five years. The program is very rigorous the first two years, and 40 percent of the students are international.

Students live in the town of Reims

Students spend their first two years on one campus, then a compulsory third year abroad (universities include Stanford, Columbia, UW, UBC, Harvard, and 80 others). Joint degrees with Columbia University are also offered, and an internship can be included in the third year.

Seven campuses of Sciences Po are located throughout France, each with a different regional focus (French/German, Central and Eastern Europe, Euro-Latin America, Middle East and Mediterranean, Europe/Asia, and Euro-American). Paris is home to the main campus, focusing on many disciplines. At the new campus in Reims, all classes are taught in English. Reims started with 50 students but plans are for 1500 eventually. They received 400 applicants last year and accepted 90.

Sciences Po is looking for students who are multilingual, multicultural, diverse and who will emerge transformed. Students should be open-minded, confident in their studies, and searching for excellence. Sciences Po faculty search around the world for top students, and money is not a factor; they will pay if they want the student. Tuition is 9000 Euro/year and room is approximately 300 euro/month. It is quite easy for all students, regardless of country of origin, to get financial aid.

Once students are pre-screened in the application process, they are scheduled for an interview. Seattle students generally are interviewed on the University of British Columbia campus. The interview includes reading a text, discussing the article, and putting it in both global and interdisciplinary contexts. An understanding of international current events is critical. A jury of two to three faculty members will make a recommendation for admission after the interview.

A capacity to think outside the box is key. Other desirable qualities include communication, debate, reasoning skills, interpersonal relationships, a capacity for analysis and personal reflection, and language skills (1st, 2nd and possibly a 3rd foreign language). The best candidates are flexible, adaptable, open-minded and have a passion for learning.

Trinity University   San Antonio, Texas

Trinity University is one of the few small private universities to offer engineering and business. Engineering students are encouraged to study abroad, and classes are designed to allow this. With a focus on undergraduates, all classes are small and are taught by professors. Trinity University’s total tuition, room and board costs are considerably lower than most selective small liberal arts colleges. For students from the Northwest looking for a unique college experience, the combination of warm weather, access to San Antonio, and rigorous academics can be compelling. The dorms are excellent, and the strong endowment allows for plenty of merit aid and scholarships. A new $100 million science and engineering building is currently under construction and will open in 2015.

Trinity Students Enjoy an Outdoor Class

International Studies, languages (one of the fastest growing Chinese programs in the country), and Theater (including technical theater) draw students from around the country. Over 500 students are involved in theater on campus, and each year Trinity brings a noted Broadway leader to train students. The newest building on campus is the Music and Art Hall. Students may apply for music scholarships without majoring or minoring in music.  Trinity offers a unique program for Spanish language, known as Mexico, the Americas and Spain (MAS), to train future leaders in language, culture and life in these regions.

Trinity University

The summer research program on campus is popular and is one of the largest in the country. Funds are also available year-round for students interested in attending academic conferences. Sports are big at this Division III school, and students are encouraged to contact coaches during the application process if they have an interest in participating.

Hendrix College     Conway, Arkansas

Michael Licatino, the Seattle representative for Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas, provided an excellent update on this small liberal arts college that is a member of the Colleges that Change Lives consortium. Division III sports are popular at Hendrix, with a strong swimming program and a new aquatic facility. The Wellness and Athletic Center (WAC) brings students together year-round. Conway is a town of rolling green hills approximately 30 miles from Little Rock and is an excellent location for outdoor activities including rock-climbing, canoeing and hiking. The two-day orientation includes a canoe trip with peer-leaders.

Fifty-five percent of students at Hendrix are from out of state, with more and more students arriving from the East and West coasts. This college of 1460 undergraduates is a value, considerably less expensive than many selective small liberal arts colleges. For students who want to venture to another part of the country and try new experiences, Hendrix, with a strong sense of community and a welcoming environment, is an excellent choice. The pace of life is slower than in many areas of the country, and some students enjoy this chance to slow things down while studying in a supportive academic environment.

The Odyssey Program is an experiential learning program for students who thrive in a setting beyond the classroom. Hendrix knows that not all learning is in the classroom and has designed this program to allow students to explore and combine interests in athletics, global issues, leadership, research, community service, and art into an exciting and personal experience.

The Allied Health Program is an interdisciplinary science major that provides strong undergraduate preparation in health care. The program provides a thorough understanding of the human body and includes course work in kinesiology, health, fitness, and wellness. Students preparing for professional programs in physical and occupational therapy, nursing, physician assistant, or other medical fields will find an excellent combination of offerings in this program.

The Philosophy department, one of many excellent major offerings, and pre-med advising are both excellent. Many students choose to major and minor in two different subjects.  Anyone can participate in the theater program, not just majors. Summer research in the sciences is a great opportunity for many students. Families considering a visit should contact Admissions—they will meet you at the airport and return you for your flight out. Individual and scheduled group Experience Days are open now for registration.

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