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Now is the Time to Start Considering Summer Programs

Many summer programs have begun posting applications online. While deadlines are approaching for more competitive programs, others continue to accept students until they fill. Whether you are going to be working, interning, volunteering, exploring or studying, the opportunities are vast and many have scholarships available.

For students considering studying subjects in college that require an early commitment or departmental application, it is a good idea to explore that topic over the summer before senior year to determine if the fit is right. Subjects that come to mind are engineering and architecture. These sites provide an overview of summer engineering and architecture programs available around the country for high school students. Some are reasonably priced such as the two-week residential engineering program at the University of Idaho.

Students considering applying to an art college might also consider a summer program to determine if this intense level of focus is right. Spending time at an art school can be invaluable in helping students debating whether to attend a liberal arts college with strong art programs, or an art school, make this important decision. Summer is also a great time to build a portfolio for college applications, whether for a liberal arts or art college, and many summer programs help support students in this process with development, evaluation and materials.

Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle (includes a portfolio workshop)

California College of the Arts

Idyllwild Arts in California

A Smattering of Programs

Explore  and Research Summer Programs in General at Enrichment Alley and Summer Omnibus

The University of Washington programs from computer programming to dance and screen-writing

The Center for Creative Youth at Wesleyan

Washington Business Week

Marine BioThe University of Chicago offers a range of creative programs from American Law and Litigation to Ancient Egyptian Language, Culture and History and Green Behavioral Economics and Sustainability.

Rassias Foreign Language Program

The Teton Science Schools: Ecosystem and the Natural World

Discovery Internships for career exploration in cities around the world

Washington University Programs ranging from Japanese Culture and Language to the Pre-Medical Institute

Quest University, BC Canada “How to Build a Habitable Planet

Young Entrepreneur’s Business Week at Oregon State University

Georgetown University programs ranging from Congressional Affairs and International Relations, to Arabic and Sports Management

Film, Animation and Media Business at University of Southern California

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