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The Southeastern Conference Universities Counselor Event

The Southeastern Conference Breakfast

The Southeastern Conference hosted a breakfast for counselors, including an excellent overview of these 14 popular universities. One thing was very clear during the breakfast: the SEC wants more Washington students, there are many scholarship opportunities for our students, and costs are generally lower even before scholarships at these school-spirited universities. Be sure to explore the Honors College opportunities at many of these universities.

With so many unique programs and diverse offerings, it is difficult to narrow down my summary; however, here are the key comments provided by each representative (in addition to their school cheers in many cases!).

University of Alabama: Alabama offers an Honors College, many scholarships for out-of-state students, and an “Engineers without Borders” program.

University of Arkansas: The Honors College has received substantial donations and offers fellowship advising and study abroad.

Auburn University: Located in a great college town, Auburn is a land grant university with six engineering disciplines and famous alums including Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. They call it “the biggest small college in the US.”

University of Florida: A unique program is the “innovation academy,” a four-block area with an incubator for start-up businesses and technology transfer. There is a lot of school spirit at the U of Florida.

University of Georgia: Located in Athens, Georgia, the U of Georgia was the first public university in the US. The first-year Odyssey Program includes over 300 small seminars taught by tenured faculty to bring students together at this “Hipster Capitol of the South.”

University of Kentucky: Lexington is the horse capital of the world; students with equestrian talents find an excellent home at U of Kentucky. Animal science is a popular program, and students often participate in support roles at the Kentucky Derby. Agriculture, engineering, and pharmacy are popular programs.

Louisiana State University: LSU houses the largest pre-med program in the US. Petroleum engineering and civil engineering are top programs and are quite popular. There is a very residential freshman experience, and many students study abroad.

University of Mississippi: Old Miss is the smallest public university in the SEC, with a low cost for out-of-state students. There are many unique majors including forensics, geological engineering, public policy management, and Arabic. With 14,000 undergraduates, it is one of the top tailgating universities.

Mississippi State University: MSU has a small-school feel and is a research university with architecture, engineering, meteorology, an early-entry vet program, and a PGA golf course.

University of Missouri: There is an excellent non-resident scholarship program based on a resume, standardized test scores, and GPA. Journalism, with 29 different tracts, is one of the top programs. This is also one of the easiest states in which to achieve residency.

University of South Carolina: Based in the capital, Columbia, popular programs include hospitality, retail, and sports management. Students have interned at the Masters Golf Tournament and other popular venues.

University of Tennessee: Graduation and retention rates for freshmen are strong at the U of Tennessee. The business program includes a mock Wall Street program for trading. A partnership with the Oakridge National Lab supports students and faculty in research.

Texas A & M: Scholarships are offered for non-residents at this land, sea, and space grant university. Student leadership and selfless service are two of the important core values at Texas A & M.

Vanderbilt University: The only private university in the SEC, Vanderbilt is in Nashville and has 6800 undergraduates. Popular programs include engineering, music, education, and health sciences. Nashville’s music scene is a big draw, and all students are required to live on campus all four years.

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