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Marquette University Update

on March 31, 2014 in Admissions Process

Marquette_v_Marquette University is a Jesuit university of 8,293 undergraduate students in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and offers a half-tuition scholarship to one student at each Jesuit high school in the US. Students can read more about the mission of the Jesuit universities here. Division I athletics are big at Marquette, with basketball, lacrosse, and soccer drawing top student-athletes. Ninety percent of students graduate within four years, and it is easy to double major because many courses within a student’s major fulfill the Jesuit core requirements.


Marquette is divided into seven colleges. Arts and Sciences students are encouraged to complete research, as many of these majors will require graduate school. Pre-law students may also apply for the highly competitive six-year law degree program, with only 15 students accepted.


The College of Business is more selective, with a student’s math record in high school getting more scrutiny. Marquette offers a popular Applied Investment Management Program (AIM)—students make presentations to local companies and boards and have a $2M endowment for student portfolio investment. AIM also offers an overseas component. Many internships are available to students in business, and local mini co-ops are offered for accounting majors.


The College of Communication is very popular and includes a digital media program. Internships are available at stations around Milwaukee, and some students get the coveted position of announcing at basketball games.


The College of Education has a social justice-based curriculum, encouraging students to participate in local literacy programs.


The College of Engineering is located in a new building and is one of the most competitive programs. It offers one of the oldest co-op programs in the country, which can take five years to complete but with paid opportunities and experience is an invaluable plus.Marquette-University-College-of-Engineering_1187_1000x667


The College of Health Sciences offers a very competitive six-year PT doctorate program, and nursing students complete their practicums all over the country. The College of Nursing is the most competitive at Marquette, with a 30-35% admit rate. A popular five-year Physician’s Assistant program and a sophomore year cadaver lab make Marquette a big draw for healthcare students.


Marquette offers students the opportunity to study at the unique Les Aspin Center in Washington, DC. Students are housed in Marquette apartments and can intern at organizations such as the FDA for pre-meds and other agencies for those interested in politics. Thirty-six percent of Marquette students study abroad, and engineering students may participate in the Engineers Without Borders program. Nursing students often study in programs in Dublin and Peru, and pre-med students can join the “Global Brigade.”


Greek life is popular and residential, with a strong community service component. The Freshman Frontier Program is a conditional acceptance program for students who require more care and support at Marquette. Students matriculate the summer before freshman year and receive more academic support prior to fall term. Marquette encourages students to self-disclose a learning difference so that they will receive the support they need to succeed.


Marquette encourages students to use its own application, as it is more focused to its Jesuit mission. When applying, students select a particular program and have their applications read by their selected college. However, if a first choice college denies students, Arts and Sciences will consider them. When completing the application, students are encouraged to be specific, highlighting leadership and service activities, which are very important at Marquette. All scholarships are now identified in one location, and once a student registers, the site populates with what applies to that particular student. Marquette does not offer admissions interviews.


Marquette hopes that each student leaves a better person, and it emphasizes that students never feel alone as part of this community. The urban setting allows students to participate in service projects and become more engaged in their community. While most students are from the Midwest, enrollment is growing from outside the region, and geographic diversity is encouraged in admissions.



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