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The New SAT Explained

on December 21, 2015 in Standardized Tests, Test Deadlines






Jed Applerouth of Applerouth provided a dynamic and thorough update on the new SAT at the recent IECA Conference in Arizona. His valuable insights gave me a new take from earlier sessions on this test.



  • New SAT is an achievement rather than aptitude test, back to the original roots
  • Sentence completions have been dropped
  • Math is harder
  • Grammar in contextual
  • Science graphs are new
  • Evidence-based essay
  • 4 choices not 5 to all multiple choice problems
  • Science harder on ACT, ACT science is long, processing speed is awarded (tied to IQ)
  • Vocabulary limited, now only 12% of writing/reading
  • Reading in contextual: i.e. effect vs affect, latter vs former
  • Writing includes harder passages with vocabulary and complexity
  • Grammar taking a dive, how well students read and evidence rewarded
  • Longer and more complex sentences with vocabulary much more important in the context of the sentence
  • Challenging words are in the reading section but minor impact
  • Reading and writing will be in one score
  • Some schools will break up writing/reading
  • One hard passage on each section of reading
  • Annotate passage, active reading
  • Good notes and recall
  • More time for reading
  • Complex text is an important part of the test, encouraging high schools to follow suit
  • Archaic, old-school, complex passages
  • Reading like ACT but math is radical departure, much tougher from common core standards, understanding the fundamental context of math, not just calculation, more reading in the math and all other sections
  • Need to discriminate context and value of certain math concepts in math section
  • Better measure of math ability
  • Calculator and non calculator sections for math
  • Geometry is disappearing
  • Algebra is focus of SAT
  • Stats and graph reading important
  • Math II might get harder
  • Reading up 40% in this new test
  • More advanced algebra II and more stats, for data analytics
  • Much more rigorous essay with more reading, good value to college
  • Better predictor of college level work
  • For the elites, bar is raised
  • Some very selective universities have announced a preference for the new SAT



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