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Deadlines for Financial Aid

on January 30, 2018 in Paying for College

Top-5-FAFSA-FAQs-for-2016Here is a terrific update from Jeff Levy regarding the upcoming financial aid deadlines:

For those families applying for financial aid, the Regular Decision financial aid submission deadlines have arrived. In a spot check of about two dozen schools, I found that most have deadlines this year between February 1 and February 15, but a handful of Regular Decision deadlines for the FAFSA and Profile have already passed. Families of college-going seniors need to make sure they submit their FAFSA and CSS Profile forms immediately. 
On the FAFSA, make sure to list an in-state qualifying institution in the #1 position to guarantee state aid—not a factor in most states, but a stipulation in a few. (See the state by state grid here: And for those applying to more than 10 schools, therefore exceeding the available slots on the FAFSA, submit with the first 10. Then in a few days when the email arrives confirming that the FAFSA has been successfully processed, log back in, delete from the bottom of the list the number of additional slots required, and submit the amended FAFSA with these additional schools. (Instructions here:

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