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Scheduling an Appointment

A first meeting, which typically lasts approximately 1.5 hours (can vary depending on a family’s needs), entails building a list, discussing testing, and developing a plan and schedule. An excellent time to meet is in January of their junior year, after students have the results of their PSAT tests. Some families prefer meeting earlier to learn more about the overall process—to discuss athletic recruiting, summer plans, or to plan visits. Students and parents are welcome to attend, depending on a family’s preference. Benchmark’s philosophy is to provide hourly support only, allowing families the flexibility to use services on an a la carte basis, depending on their needs and budgets. Benchmark can simply develop a college list or provide support on an ongoing basis. Please read more about selecting an educational consultant here.

Appointments are scheduled from 10 am to 4:00 pm (start time), Monday through Friday. After an appointment is booked and prior to the first meeting, Benchmark sends the following forms: a student assessment and questionnaire and a parent questionnaire. Benchmark will need a student’s first and last name to register them for the material, and then the forms should be completed online. Benchmark does not charge to review this material prior to a meeting.

Please feel free to contact Benchmark to request the hourly rate or schedule an appointment.