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College Choice 101 Cards ©

Use this fun card-sorting tool to discover what matters most as students begin the college search. College Choice 101© provides a great way for students to prioritize the college characteristics they prefer as they start their search. This creative tool has been used by thousands of counselors and students around the world. A new version of the cards, known as Corsava Cards® is also available.

College Choice 101© is a creative solution consisting of over 100 colorful cards. Each card displays a characteristic for students to sort into categories—those they really want, those to which they are neutral, or those that they absolutely do not want.

Counselors find it invaluable for students to use College Choice 101© to help them narrow their college lists. Students and family members have fun sorting their own piles of College Choice 101© cards and comparing results. The answers are often surprising, which is what makes this a fun and innovative approach to the college search. This is a great opportunity to open discussions on what really matters to students in finding the right fit.

Contact us if you would like a spreadsheet of the card characteristics to track student results. Many students and consultants like to take a photo or scan results on their phone.

The cards have recently been updated and you can read more about transitioning to the new cards here.

© 2006 Anne R. Wager, Benchmark Associates, LLC.


Open the deck of cards and remove the three main cards labeled “Really Want,” ”Don’t Care,” and “No Way.” Place these three on a table in a line. The case includes a front pocket that is perfect for storing these three category cards.

Sort the remaining cards under each of these three categories until all cards are used. Use the “Wild Card” if there is a category you want to add.



“First let me say that I am putting to use your wonderful cards, and they have TRANSFORMED my initial interview sessions with the students. They keep me from talking too much, and they give kids something active to do (and they make up their minds surprisingly quickly). Once they’re finished, there’s a great opportunity to talk about possible inconsistencies in their ideal college concept—like the student who wants a big school in a big city and small discussion-based classes with accessible professors! Thank you so much for this fabulous aid!”

“Easy way to talk about a potentially overwhelming choice.  Awesome product – I will definitely tell everyone I know about it.  Thanks so much!!”

Ordering: The cards have recently been updated and you will be redirected to the new site where you can purchase either the original College Choice 101 cards or the new Corsava Cards®.

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